web site design

A lot of companies believe that the development of a Web site constitutes an e-business solution.  Tigga is keen to emphasise that a Web site is only one part of an e-business solution and that there are many other important areas that need to be addressed. 

Tigga can help you in all aspects of the design and implementation of a Web site.  We use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that you have the solution that is most appropriate for you and your target audience, and fits in with your business.

We approach the development of a site from the business point of view to ensure it addresses any strategic and tactical issues arising.  The technology used to implement the solution is of secondary importance, and is used as a "means to an end".  We feel there are too many examples on the World Wide Web (WWW) of business sites where the technology used has overwhelmed the business requirements, and the marketing message has been weakened as a result.

We actively encourage input from our clients into all aspects of the Web site design.  However, if this is a new area of development for your company and you are uncertain as to how to approach it, we are happy to supply thoughts and ideas for your consideration and approval.