welcome to Tigga's Web site.

One of the main aims of our company is to help small to medium size businesses to understand the new opportunities presented by the world of e-business and e-commerce*.  Following on from this, we aim to help them formulate and implement suitable business strategies and solutions to enable them to compete in this new environment.

It is important to consider e-business in the context of the whole business, and not as a separate area; there are many examples of e-business projects that have failed because they did not take this approach.  We offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of e-business and e-commerce.  We take a holistic approach to the subject, which ensures that, unlike a piece-meal approach, important topics are not missed.

Above all, we are totally committed to our customers and helping them to maximise their potential in the future.

* Please note that for the purposes of this Web site, we have included all future references to e-commerce within e-business, since e-commerce is a sub-section of e-business.